Which cities do you deliver in Pakistan?
We send gifts to Pakistan and deliver them in major cities with intent of adding more delivery destinations in future. We deliver edibles such as Cakes and Flowers specifically in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. However, ready-made gifts such as perfumes, watches, pillows are delivered all across Pakistan.
I am concerned if this website is fully secured and fully encrypted to make safe payments?
Yes, it is. We use time-tested and renowned online payment encryptions that present to you smooth and secured payment gateways. We ensure that none of the credit card information is saved and approval on your credit card is taken by an authorized source. While making the payment, look out for a padlock that further confirms our payment security.
Do you accept PayPal and Credit Cards?
Both for instant payments. However, for credit cards, please check if you are a holder of Visa, Master, and Amex cards. The card payment invoice includes brand name.
Can gifts be delivered on the same day?
Same day delivery is only applicable on cakes and flowers for now with specific locations such as Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Other gift items may take more than 24 hours to be delivered in Pakistan.
Are all gifts wrapped properly?
Yes all gifts are wrapped as they should be. We also offer customized gift wrappings. Get in touch with us!
What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges are mentioned on the check-out page. Furthermore, for same day delivery, we charge additional $2 and send gifts in Pakistan within 24 hours time frame.
What if I do not own a credit card? Can I still make payments and send a gift in Pakistan?
Along with credit cards, we accept payments through Western Union as it is worldwide.
What is the delivery time?
It takes 2-3 business days to deliver your orders. However, public holidays may affect the turnaround time.
Do you send out free greeting cards on every order?
Not necessarily. However, if our promotion lets you redeem free greeting cards then they will be delivered.
What if I do not like my order or feel content upon receiving it?
Based on our policies – we do not entertain cases of personal disliking or take personal opinions into consideration. However, if the product is damaged, twisted or out of order upon receiving then we make a refund. This is applied mostly on cakes and flowers.

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